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What is VMware?

VMware is a popular virtualisation software allowing you to manage your IT infrastructure with ease. With just a single tool, the efficiency and flexibility of resources is improved, and the possibilities are endless.

Before deciding to use VMware, you should know what virtualisation is. In simple terms, it simulates an IT environment. In other words, there is no need to compete for the resources of a single physical machine when the resource utilisation is full, as it involves migrating to another machine. A properly designed process guarantees redundancy, improves security at the hardware level, and delivers an efficient and flexible infrastructure that changes depending on a company’s needs.

One should also bear in mind that virtualisation is the foundation of cloud computing, as it allows services to be delivered in real time, while ensuring high availability.

Your advantages from VMware:

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Despite the advantages of virtualisation, unexpected issues cannot be ruled out, which is why it makes sense to use an experienced team of experts.

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