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What is Kubernetes??

Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system. It facilitates managing containerised applications, which are broken down into dozens or even hundreds of containers. Kubernetes also allows you to manage an application in distributed environments, whether it be the infrastructure in your company’s server room, hybrid or cloud computing.

The Kubernetes platform allows you to automate operations, responding to loads and service failures. Upon detecting any undesirable changes, it facilitates self-repair with a duplicate container or restart.

The main goal of the platform is to help you control complex environments where many containers are running across different servers. Controlled via an API, Kubernetes addresses the complexity of services by providing solutions that run distributed systems with the highest reliability. It is commonly used for implementing microservices.

We guarantee full support at all levels of your Kubernetes-based operations.

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Rely on Kubernetes

Running a distributed environment or quickly responding to malfunctions are not the only issues we resolve using Kubernetes.

Kubernetes also addresses problems related to the development and maintenance of containerised applications, such as:

Our team is proficient in dealing with challenges that are usually unknown to IT teams who are used to developing and maintaining monolithic applications.

The issue of heavy infrastructure scripting is resolved thanks to native tools and standardised procedures in a way similar to how a programming framework works.

In addition, a properly configured platform delivers:

Whether you are a contractor or an end customer, at Qlos, we will design your infrastructure on which your application can be developed and maintained, and do anything necessary for you to be happy with the end result.

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