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Designing IT infrastructure

A well-functioning IT infrastructure is a must for any business. Without it, no system, application or service will work. A suitable IT infrastructure design is necessary to ensure business continuity and security throughout the organisation.

As part of our design services, we offer more than just building your environment from scratch:

We support the design of IT infrastructures from the very basics through the final implementation stages. You can be certain that we will not abandon you in the middle of a project implementation. Thanks to the experience of our Experts, you will be able not only to design and build your infrastructure, but also maintain, manage and expand it. We will remain your business partner for as long as you wish.

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IT infrastructure design

Depending on your needs, our Experts will design solutions based on the requirements of your application, network or specific service. Regardless of the starting point, we will build an efficient IT infrastructure.

The design process comprises several stages, with the concept being implemented based on two solutions: building an infrastructure from scratch and implementing the required elements to obtain a specific functionality of the environment.

You already have a project, but do not know how to build an infrastructure based on it?

We will take care of it for you and build a properly functioning infrastructure, starting with obtaining detailed information on your project. Next, we will prepare a work overview and plan, and get to work immediately after consulting you. The timelines for each project differ depending on the system specification, devices, network and data. We will keep you informed on each stage of the work. Following completion, we will test the developed environment for vulnerability to failure and availability. You can be certain that the infrastructure configured by Qlos experts is fault-free, highly available and customised to your specific requirements.

You already have an infrastructure, but need specific changes?

We will start by analysing your current environment for requirements, network availability, system vulnerability and hardware operation criteria. As a next step, we will prepare a schedule detailing the changes that can introduced, while keeping in mind the main project goal. We will consult you on each work schedule and get to work right away. We will introduce the proposed solutions, so that the current infrastructure remains available at all times. Finally, we will test the introduced solutions.

With a dozen or so years of experience in design, implementation and management, we had plenty opportunity to learn how to effectively choose the right solutions for your needs. Contact us. Let us talk about your planned change.

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