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What is the High Availability service?

For any application, you certainly want the highest availability of your server, website or application.

Unavailability, even due to a momentary malfunction, can bring significant losses. Unfortunately, this happens on a daily basis, mainly due to the lack of an appropriate approach when designing infrastructure or applications. The good news is that there are solutions that allow you to avoid the negative consequences related to the unavailability of your service.

As the name suggests, High Availability allows you to ensure high availability in real time. With an appropriate and professional configuration, your services will be protected against a variety of random events. Creating a resilient architecture allows you to prevent the negative consequences of server, storage or network unavailability.

Need to improve your business availability?

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Project approach

We will resolve your issues with application availability by taking the following steps:

  1. Analysing the existing solution
    We will verify the architectural component of the existing application which can be separated. We will identify elements which need to be shared in a High Availability solution (crons, sessions, files, database, etc.)
  2. Designing an HA architecture
    We will plan solutions using the appropriate infrastructure and formulate recommendations for programmers. Additionally, we will estimate the total implementation time.
  3. Test implementation
    We will implement appropriate solutions with the right technology and perform a series of tests.
  4. Production implementation of the solution
    We will introduce the designed solution, migrate data and take care of proper functioning. We will demonstrate to you the changes and estimate the added value of the service.

Our solution will be resilient to malfunctions and capable of preventing unforeseen consequences. No matter the circumstances, Qlos’ high availability solutions will keep your business running.

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