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Cost Optimization(TCO)

No matter which cloud-based resources you have, you can control their costs. With continual cost optimisation and appropriate rules, you can develop the right model to meet your cost expectations.

One big advantage of cloud computing is that you do not need to invest in expensive infrastructure and you are billed only for the resources you actually use.

If you are just starting your adventure with the cloud, we would be happy to help you choose the right services for optimised billing. Certified Qlos experts will review your infrastructure for potential cost savings and help choose fitting solutions for a satisfying effect.

However, remember that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Do not take the costs incurred by a friend for granted. In the cloud, it all depends on the type and potential of your business, and on whatever matters the most for you.

Let us talk about how we can optimise your environment.

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How do we optimise costs?

To find savings on your account, we will:

  1. Audit your environment and cloud account.
    We will visualise your infrastructure so that you can see what your environment looks like, and analyse the individual costs.
  2. Analyse cost optimisation
    We will verify the expenditure statistics for the entire infrastructure and licenses owned, regardless of whether they will be located in the cloud or outside.
  3. Report on the identified change opportunities
    Finally, we will present a report identifying possible solutions, serving as your decision-making aid as to further steps.

Here are some of the solutions we can propose:

Without the necessary training and experience, it is often impossible to judge whether a specific configuration would be more beneficial than others. Qlos experts will review your cloud computing account and choose an optimal solution.

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Is your service generating excessive costs?

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