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Cloud migration

Have you noticed that your working environment is inefficient in terms of operation, or maybe you are plagued by performance issues experienced by your website, application or infrastructure? Migrate your resources to a cloud and enter a new dimension with your business.

What is cloud migration?

Migrating involves transferring application, data and business from the existing infrastructure to a new place. When transferring resources to the cloud, we can map the existing architecture or create a new one to leverage the full potential of the cloud service provider. There are two migration models:

  1. Lift and Shift
    We migrate your application, infrastructure or services in an unchanged state. We migrate your resources while largely retaining their original form to the cloud, speeding up the migration process. No or minimal client involvement is an added advantage.
  2. Cloud-Native
    If you wish to fully exploit the potential of the cloud, this is the one you need. The Cloud Native method involves creating a new architecture, allowing you to expand your infrastructure by adding new functionalities, such as automation, high availability, or Backup and Disaster Recovery policies.

Based on our experience, the most frequently chosen model is an intermediate variant, which ensures high flexibility, allowing you to minimise technological debt, avoid unforeseen expenses, and first migrate small projects or those more critical for your business. The small-step approach gives the unconvinced an opportunity to experience the advantages of the cloud first-hand.

Do you need to migrate your services to the cloud?

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How do we do it?

We know all about the complexity of migrating an infrastructure, applications or services to the cloud. To get you acquainted with cloud migration, we will guide you through several simple migration steps with Qlos:

    First, we will define your requirements, expectations and needs as to the scope of the migration.
    We will identify your physical and virtual servers, storage in use, services running and dependencies between them. We will also map your network, and verify your Backup and Disaster Recovery policies.
    At this stage, we will either map your current environment (Lift and Shift migration), or build a new one from scratch, expanding its existing capabilities (Cloud Native migration).
    We will devise a migration strategy for each server or service. In addition, we will prepare a detailed migration plan and schedule.
    We will execute the migration for you in line with best industry practice.
    We will test the new infrastructure to make sure that it works as expected.

Once the migration is completed, you can enjoy your new environment. You gain a new dimension of your project – flexible, secure and cost-optimised. Additionally, if you need assistance in maintaining your infrastructure, we can manage your environment for you.

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