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Your infrastructure in the cloud

Having a cloud-based infrastructure involves a number of steps to ensure an efficient and secure working environment. However, we know that the multitude of obligations related to infrastructure maintenance can be overwhelming. Let us take care of managing and administrating your infrastructure.

Managing cloud-based IT infrastructure

No matter which cloud type you choose – private, hybrid or public – we are ready to take over managing your infrastructure. Maintaining services in the cloud is largely based on defining your main needs. Once they have been identified, we will adopt an effective solution to ensure efficiency, improve availability and security.

As part of managing and administrating your cloud-based infrastructure, we will take care of its security, high availability, cost optimisation, backup and disaster recovery policies. We also offer to directly manage your AWS account. In our administration work, we also take human resources into account and we will inform you when reserves need to be utilised.

We will ensure comprehensive cloud operations and take care of every detail. We will resolve any issues with the security of your cloud-based services, additionally improving their availability and ensuring fault-free operation. The efficiency of your systems will increase and your concerns will become a thing of the past. By choosing our management and administration service, you choose peace of mind and full control over your resources.

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A properly configured cloud is a must for a successful business operation. Leaving your infrastructure unsupervised is not only inefficient, but also dangerous, making it much more vulnerable to faults and attacks by hackers. In addition, the lack of administration of cloud servers prevents their development.

Avoid putting your business at risk by ensuring full control over every part of your cloud resources.

Your advantages as part of the service:

These are just some of your benefits from our administration and management services.

We offer a variety of solutions – always based on your requirements. Infrastructure is the heart of any business. Do not let its incorrect operation put you at the risk of losses.

amazon consulting partner


Qlos is the official Amazon Consulting Partner. This means that we have necessary experience and knowledge to deliver advanced AWS solutions. Our certified specialists have created many AWS architectures and are able to solve any problem for you.

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