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As a leading cloud provider, Amazon Web Services has conquered the market for many years with its quality and customer service. However, while being an advantage, the large number of AWS could also be a downside, as without proper knowledge, you will not be able to fully exploit their potential.

This is where our support comes in. We will take care of your resources in Amazon Web Services and your environment. Whether you need support in configuring basic services such as Amazon S3, EC2, IAM, VPC, RDS, EKS or advanced configuration of several services, we will take care of it.

As part of the AWS cloud infrastructure, we offer::

With our experience, you will be able to modify the offer to suit your needs.

Describe your requirements and needs to us, and we will choose a matching solution and prepare a free quote.

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Availability and correctness of operations

As it is the case with any other server, the operation of the AWS cloud must be supervised. Without proper supervision, an issue could escalate to affect your entire business. As specialists in cloud solutions, we can configure your account as a whole and individual AWS.

Fault-free operation

We monitor your environment 24/7 to identify and resolve any unexpected issues as they happen. Needless to say, this significantly improves the security of your services.

Flexibility and optimised costs

A properly configured AWS facilitates fully flexible and efficient operations. Also, resource scaling becomes more efficient and the amount of space is suitable for the data stored.

Cost optimisation

The complexity of AWS allows you to operate and control your costs. In the Amazon cloud, continuous cost optimisation and the selection of suitable billing models are the basis of the architecture of each environment.

amazon consulting partner


Qlos is the official Amazon Consulting Partner. This means that we have necessary experience and knowledge to deliver advanced AWS solutions. Our certified specialists have created many AWS architectures and are able to solve any problem for you.

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