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AWS configuration

We know how difficult it is to manage AWS and have witnessed many times how our clients tried to fix issues by themselves. While it is easy to find tutorials on how to configure AWS, this may also be a major disadvantage. The sheer multitude of services which can be combined like building blocks means that the number of possible combinations is mindboggling. Even when you take your time to configure the services on your own, you cannot be certain that you have used the options available to the fullest. To make sure that everything is set up in just the right way, it makes sense to entrust this task to experts.

The Amazon Web Services cloud offers limitless possibilities. Leveraging its potential, we offer a variety of solutions to address any issues you may have with the performance, flexibility or availability of your website, application or infrastructure.

AWS account management

It is often the case that the biggest issue is not configuring the services, but being able to properly manage the AWS account. Simply having an account does not mean that your services will run as they should. At the account level, elements such as budget, user privileges and resource reservations can be viewed. As part of the AWS Management service, we make sure that your AWS account functions properly, prioritising efficient management, service maintenance and optimisation.

Whether you have a problem with configuring AWS or managing your AWS account, we will take care of it and find solutions for your expectations.

Let us choose the right services, optimise and administrate them for you.

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How can we help??

AWS account management is more than just the services we can offer. As part of AWS maintenance, we also provide:

As part of the AWS Management service, we will choose the right solutions for you and configure them to deliver a flexible, scalable and secure service for you.


Your benefits from letting us manage your AWS account:

  1. Quick setup of your complete AWS account.
  2. Optimised AWS operation.
  3. Enhanced security with service audit .
  4. Time savings thanks to outsourcing AWS management.
  5. Money savings with optimal AWS budget configuration.

These are only some of the advantages you get by outsourcing this responsibility to us. We will take care of your AWS account or set up the services as required.

amazon consulting partner


Qlos is the official Amazon Consulting Partner. This means that we have necessary experience and knowledge to deliver advanced AWS solutions. Our certified specialists have created many AWS architectures and are able to solve any problem for you.

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