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What is Ansible?

Ansible is an open-source tool that allows you to automate processes. It also allows you to scale the level of automation as the project progresses. One example is a new version of deployment distributed over a dozen or so application machines or upgrading the Docker version on these machines.

Such processes can be highly complex, with many sub-steps that need to be performed in a specific order.

Cyclical actions offer an ideal automation process. They are intended to handle administrator tasks such as backups, configuring environments on the Docker, adding new users or their roles or tasks which must be performed immediately after specific criteria are met. An automated monitoring system identifies an issue, classifies it and executes a pre-defined remedial plan. All of this and many more processes can be created with Ansible.

Automation tools like Ansible eliminate latency and the hassle associated with manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Although IT Teams sometimes seem to have superhuman powers, they are not keen on such monotonous and tedious tasks.

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There are a number of advantages to automation solutions:

This tool is a popular and mature solution. As it uses a common format, it is suitable for seamless communication between administration, DevOps and development teams.

Why you need Qlos?

Ansible is a great and dynamically developed tool, offering a plethora of advantages. However, this may also be a downside because experience is needed to fully exploit its potential. Without it, automation could do you more harm than good.

Easy process scripting in Ansible is associated with the risk of being exposed to new attack vectors, script loops or configuration drift. Also, the lack of experience in process automation may lead to suboptimal playbooks that threaten the stability of an application or infrastructure.

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